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Ash Interments and Scatterings

This page contains information about Ash Interments and Scatterings.
Updated: 5/08/2019 1:14 p.m.

Purchasing an Ash Plot

When purchasing a plot, you are in fact purchasing exclusive right of interment and not the land itself, this remains the property of Whangarei District Council.

Exclusive Right of Interment expires after 60 years if the plot has not had an interment take place.

The types of ash plots and scattering areas available to purchase currently are:

​Plot Type ​Cemetery ​Interment 
per Plot
Standard ​Maunu 4 ​Standard lawn plot with concrete berm for memorial placement
​Family ​Maunu Varies ​Family ash plots area located in the Family Burial Area, plots are set back to back with and area set between for headstone placement.
Plot groupings vary, please see cemetery staff for more details
​Natural ​Maunu ​1 ​Natrual ash interment area , there are some restrictions with the area, refer Natural Burial section below
​Rose Garden ​Maunu ​​N/A ​Rose Garden for the scattering of ashes
Rose Garden Plots ​Maunu ​2 Ash interment plots border the scattering garden, these have a concrete berm for placement of a plaque
Rose Garden Plaques ​Maunu ​N/A ​A number of pillars are positioned with the Rose Garden providing space to have a plaque attached, ideal for those who have chosen to scatter
​Rhododendron Garden ​Kamo ​N/A ​Rhododendron Garden for the scattering of ashes
​Glades of Remembrance ​Maunu ​N/A ​Native bush surrounds the crematorium, this area is divided into three and the main place for scattering


As many plots have been pre-purchased, please see cemetery staff you can show you what is available in each area.

​​Arranging an Ash Interment or Scattering

Ash Interments and Scatterings can be arranged through either a funeral director or directly with the cemetery.

To arrange an Ash Interment or Scattering directly, please contact the cemetery team who will guide you through the process.

Payment Methods

All fees must be paid in full before a burial can take place. Council does not offer the facility of credit to private individuals.

Payment can be made in person at any Council Service Centre, by Credit Card via phoning the main service centre or internet banking.

Internet Banking payments will need to be made at least one working day before desired booking time for the revenue team to confirm payment. i.e.

  • Wednesday burial, payment by Monday night
  • Saturday burial, payment by Thursday night.​

Customer Service Centres

  • Forum North, Rust Ave, Whangarei
  • Ruakaka Service Centre, Takutai Place, Ruakaka


(09) 430 4200 - Visa and Mastercard accepted

Internet Banking

Account number: 12-3115-0040516-002
Referece Field 1: Cemetery
Referece Field 2: Plot Number
Referece Field 3: Reserved / Deceased Surname

How does an Ash Interment work?

When you arrive at the cemetery, make your way to the plot. Once there you will find a small soil box next to the plot. The plot itself will have a hole dug with a board covering it. There will also be a section of turf on top of the board.

Move the board to the side and place the ashes into the plot.

You can then back fill the plot yourself if you wish, you will find a small trowel inside the soil box. Otherwise place the board back over the plot and cemetery staff will attend to it once all family have left.

If your booking is on a weekend or public holiday, staff will attend to it on the next business day. (it is recommended families back fill on a weekend)

Family Burial Area

Maunu Cemetery has a dedicated area for families to purchase plots in groups instead of traditional rows.

These groupings of plots allow for a central monument to be installed.

Plot groupings range from two plots up to six plots and each individual plot has capacity for two ash interments.

To purchase plots within this area, please speak to one of the cemetery team and they will be able to show you what is available.

All plots within a grouping must be paid for at the same time. Standard interment charges apply when the plots are required for use.

Natural Ash Interment

Maunu Cemetery offers a specific area for natural ash interments, this area is currently grassed but over time will transform into a forest as more interments take place.

Specific plots cannot be purchased in the area, instead when a plot is required, the next suitable position within the area will be assigned.​

What is a Natural Ash Interment?

The idea is that the interment is as natural as possible, with minimal impact to the environment. This means there are certain restrictions on what urns can be used, along with the method of interment.

Interments in this area are dug as shallow as possible with a tree planted directly on top of the urn.  This is so the urn sits in the active layer of earth and with the addition of the tree, will break down at a faster rate than that of a traditional interment plot.

Because of this, plots are only suitable for single interments, although multiple ashes can be interred at the same time.  Due to the type of interment, no future disinterments will be possible.

What is allowed?

​Permitted ​Not Permitted
  • ​Untreated timber including bamboo​
  • ​Treated timber
  • Untreated plywood
  • Plastic / metal casket hardware (i.e. handles)
  • Metal/s
Plot Marking
  • ​Untreated wooden cross / marker (painted lettering permitted, not to be replaced when claimed by nature)
  • Memorial stones or plaques
  • ​​Fresh flowers (no plastic wrapping)
  • ​Plastic flowers, trinkets, flower holders - anything that is not fresh flowers


Both the interment cost and tree are included in the purchase of a natural ash interment plot. You can pick a tree of your choosing from the list below and this will be supplied to you at interment time.

  • ​Kauri - Agathis australis
  • Rimu - Dacrydium cupressinum
  • Tarairi - Beilschmiedia tarairi
  • Miro - Prumnopitys ferriginea
  • Matai - Prumnopitys taxifolia


A memorial pillar will be installed on the western side of this area in spring 2018, this will allow space for plaques to be attached as traditional headstone are not permitted in this area.

Rose Garden Interments and Scatterings

Established many years ago, the memorial rose garden at Maunu Cemetery now features ash interment plots around the edge of the garden, while the traditional garden area will still accommodate the scattering of ashes.

Throughout the garden area sits a number of memorial pillars which allow space for a plaque to be attached. This will allow both past and future scatterings the option of memorialisation within the garden itself.

Glades of Remembrance Scattering

Scattering of ashes is available within the three marked areas that surround the crematorium at Maunu.

Although we encourage the laying of fresh flowers in this area, we ask that no non-organic tributes, ornaments or flowers be placed within this area. This includes plaques and memorial stones.



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