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Information Sources

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This page contains local information sources and key services for newcomers to the Whangarei district.
Updated: 18/04/2018 12:10 p.m.

Where to go for information

New Zealand Now

The New Zealand Now website of Immigration New Zealand provides general and local settlement information for new migrants about living and working in New Zealand.

Freephone: 0800 776 948 (ask for 'Language Line' to speak to someone in your preferred language).

New Zealand Now Opens in a new window.

The Whangarei Migrant Centre (WMC)

The WMC offers information and social support. It is a place where migrants can meet and connect.  You are welcome to drop in.

Whangarei Migrant Centre,
Municipal Building (first floor),
71 Bank Street,
Phone: +64 9 430 0571

Whangarei Migrant Centre Opens in a new window.

Women's International Newcomers Group Social (WINGS)

Women’s International Newcomers Group Social is a friendship network where women from other parts of the world who now live in Whangarei, meet and organise social and family events. There is a monthly social meeting, a weekly coffee morning, a craft group and frequent events for the whole family.

Phone: +64 9 430 3221
Women's International Newcomers Group Social (WINGS) Opens in a new window.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizen Advice Bureau is a nationwide information service that has information on a wide range of topics including housing, law, consumer rights, immigration forms, budgeting and lots more. If they are unable to help with your enquiry, they can put you in touch with someone who can.

Phone:  +64 9 438 8046

Citizens Advice Bureau Opens in a new window.

Immigration New Zealand

Do you want to move to New Zealand? The Immigration New Zealand website has information on working and living in New Zealand, and advice and contacts for new migrants and their employers.

There is also excellent information in the 'Immigration Guide for Employers' booklet.

To obtain a copy and to find out more information, visit their website.

Freephone: 0508 558 855

Immigration New Zealand Opens in a new window.


Many migrants choose to become New Zealand citizens. For more information about how to become a New Zealand citizen and Council's citizenship ceremony, follow the link below.


Interpreter and translation services

Language Line

Language Line is a telephone interpreter service offered by most government departments in New Zealand. All the medical practices and doctors surgeries in Whangarei also have Language Line available free to clients. It is available in over 40 languages. 

Freephone: 0800 656 656.

Language Line (Office of Ethnic Affairs website) Opens in a new window.

Citizens Advice Bureau language link

This is a community telephone interpreter service available from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

It offers free, confidential information in 26 languages.

Phone:  +64 9 438 8046

Citizens Advice Bureau Opens in a new window.

CAB has a list of certified local interpreters and translators for a range of languages who can assist with official (and non-official) translation.


Finding employment for yourself or your spouse is an important part of successful settlement in your new community.

If you need help, there are some good resources and services available through the Careers NZ website.

They offer an online 'chat’ service for information and advice, plus a phone and txt service.

Freephone: 0800 222 733

Careers New Zealand Opens in a new window.

Download a copy of the helpful brochure by following the link below.

Hot topic: Finding work in New Zealand [506kb] Opens in a new window.

Employment rights 

Do you want to know more about your rights and responsibilities? The New Zealand Immigration website (from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) contains information on all aspects of employment in New Zealand.

Employment Rights - New Zealand Immigration Opens in a new window.  

For employers 

Support and resources are available for local businesses who hire migrant staff. Follow the link below to find out about services and resources to assist employers with settlement retention of their valued new workers. 


Emergency services

In an emergency, call 111 for the service you need (Fire, Ambulance or Police).

Health care

The public health system provides free hospital treatment.

There is a fee to pay for routine visits to the doctor or dentist, but there are subsidies available for children and for people on lower incomes.

Doctors and general practictioners

If you are sick, your general practitioner (GP) or family doctor is the first person you should call. It is a good idea to register with a GP when you move here.

The Northland phone book contains a list of all doctors' surgeries and hospitals in the Whangarei district.

All children under 6 years can visit the doctor for free.

Other local health services

  • Manaia Primary Health Organisation in Whangarei.
  • Northland District Health Board, including the Whangarei Hospital.
  • Health Line, a free, 24 hour telephone health advice service. Freephone 0800 611 116.

Improve your English

Knowledge of English will help you and your family to feel more comfortable in New Zealand. There are local providers available who can help you to improve your English:

  • English Language Partners (ELP) offers Social English groups classes, one-to-one  tutoring, English for Migrants-programmes.
    Phone: +64 9 438 2512
  • Whangarei Central Library has a wide range of material to help you to learn English 



In Whangarei there are many primary, secondary and tertiary education providers.

If you are looking for a school for your child, visit the New Zealand Ministry of Education website to find out more about the New Zealand education system. Follow the link below.

New Zealand Ministry of Education Opens in a new window.


There are many local pre-school options to choose from - kindergartens, play centres and private early childhood centres. 

The Yellow Pages in the Northland phone book contain contact details for these.  



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