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This page contains information about Council's pensioner housing in Whangarei.
Updated: 20/04/2018 9:29 a.m.

Pensioner housing

Council owns 165 pensioner units located at 16 separate sites throughout the district in Hikurangi, Kamo, Tikipunga, Kensington, Onerahi, central Whangarei and Maunu.

These units are solely for the purpose of providing safe, affordable housing for pension aged citizens.

The Masonic Trust is currently contracted to provide day-to-day management of the units, which includes tenant placement, tenant liaison regarding the pensioner's needs, and urgent or minor maintenance issues.

The units

Flats and houses are set in pleasant surroundings, close to all amenities and the grounds are maintained on a regular basis.

Each site accommodates 2-18 units and almost all the units have a separate bedroom. However four units have two bedrooms each to cater for a caregiver or for a married couple.


Those eligible for Council's pensioner housing must be:

  • over 65
  • receive the New Zealand National Superannuation
  • have cash assets of no more than $17,500 for a single person, or $20,500 for a couple. 

We will consider applications on a case by case basis from those nearing the age of 65 who are in receipt of an invalids benefit.

For more information about eligibility for pensioner housing, please contact the Northland District Masonic Trust.

Applying for a unit

Contact the Northland Mason Trust for more information.  

Contact details:

Northland District Masonic Trust
127 Bank Street, P O Box 8
Whangarei 0140

Phone: +64 9 438 3109
Fax: (09) 430 0706 

Download a copy of our Pensioner Housing Booklet for more information.

Pensioner Housing Booklet




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