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Funding and Grants

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This page contains information to assist community groups to identify and apply for funding that Council either provides directly or administers on behalf of other bodies.
Updated: 11/09/2017 9:19 a.m.

Whangarei District Council supports community groups for a variety of events and activities through our community funding scheme.

We want to hear from not-for-profit, volunteer community groups and organisations who are working to benefit their community.

What we offer

Whangarei District Council offers the following funding:

Contestable funding

Contestable funds have a fixed budget to allocate that all eligible applicants can apply to.

  • Community Fund
  • Performing Arts Fund
  • Creative Communities Scheme Fund
  • Community Halls Fund
  • Resident and Ratepayers Administration Fund.

Non-contestable funding

Non-contestable funds are generally open by invitation only.

  • Annual Operating Fund (and associated Transition Fund)
  • Rent Concessions
  • Community Loans.

See the links on the left for more information and to apply.

What we fund

The types of activities the community funding scheme supports are broad, but the common theme is that of volunteerism and of providing benefits to the wider community or a sector of the community, for example:

  • working bees on a community facility,
  • local Christmas parades,
  • festivals or shows.

Council’s community funding scheme is overseen by the Community Funding Subcommittee.  We also administer the Creative Communities Scheme Fund for the district on behalf of Creative New Zealand.

For more information, you can also download the following:

Other funding options

Council's community funding is limited, and it cannot support all funding applications. There are a wide range of alternative organisations that may be able to support the costs of your project or organisation.

Council offers free access to the GivME and GivUS websites to its Library members via the Whangarei Libraries website, which offer information about most of the funding available in New Zealand. 

GivME and GivUS

There are also links on the right of this page to websites of some of the larger funding organisations.   


If you would like to discuss your project with us, please contact the Community Funding Officer on +64 9 430 4200 or email us at


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