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Funding and Grants

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This page contains information to assist community groups to identify and apply for funding that Council either provides directly or administers on behalf of other bodies.
Updated: 2/06/2016 10:11 a.m.

Council’s community funding is to support community groups and organisations to develop a healthy social infrastructure that is in line with Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) community outcomes.

This funding supports a wide range of community projects and events, capital development projects, social service and programme delivery.

Funds available

Council recognises the need to achieve a balanced mix of events, projects, and facilities that meet the needs of the diverse communities that make up this District.

To meet those different needs, Council has set up several different funds which groups and organisations can apply to.  These funds are:

  • Community Fund
  • Performing Arts Fund
  • Resident and Ratepayers Administration Grant Fund
  • Community Halls Fund
  • Creative Communities Scheme (administered by Council on behalf of Creative New Zealand)
  • Annual Operating Fund
  • Transition Fund
  • Rent Concessions.

Information about each of these funds, including eligiblity information, funding round dates, application forms and support can be reached from the "In this section" menu to the left of this page.

General information

Community Services Funding Guide

The Community Services Funding Guide provides guidelines on how community funding can be obtained from Council, and what form the assistance might take i.e. grants or loans.

The guide covers the financial year (1 July to 30 June).

You should read this document thoroughly before completing an application form.

To view the Community Services Funding Guide follow the link below.

Grants, Concessions and Loans Policy

The Grants Concessions and Loans Policy was adopted in May 2015, and outlines how Council administers all of its grant, concession and loan funding to external parties. You can access it at the link below.

Community Funding Calendar

For this year’s application rounds and closing dates, please follow the link below.  


To be eligible to apply for community funding, applicants must meet the following criteria. Applicants must:

  • Be not for profit and have legal status, or be working under an umbrella group/organisation which meets these criteria (excludes Creative Communities)
  • Not have a bad credit record
  • Display appropriate financial management and procedures
  • Have a positive track record of funding from Council (if previously funded).

Each fund has different criteria that relates to its purpose. See the page for each fund (links on the left of this page) or the Community Services Funding Guide for more information.

Support with your application

Each year, there are more requests for funding than money available, and Council has to evaluate how to best administer the funding to achieve the best outcomes for the District.

In order to make a good application for funding, you need to ensure that you understand the fund you are applying to, and you are submitting all the information we need to assess it.

Making an application

When making an application for funding, the key points to remember are:

  • Be prepared – plan to apply several weeks before the funding round closes to allow for any potential issues along the way.
  • Read the Community Services Funding Guide, the fund’s webpage and the application form.
  • Check if you are eligible, and if your application meets the purpose of the fund.
  • Use the extra assistance available, such as project management guidance and workshops.
  • Provide all of the information required on the application form and include the required supporting documents.
  • Contact us if you would like help or need to let us know anything about your application.
  • Submit the application before the closing date of the fund (we do not accept late applications).

Funding decisions are made based on the information you supply.  If there is anything you think we will need to know, please put it in writing with the application.


Workshops are held throughout the year. All are welcome to attend and registrations are not required. You can find the dates for the next workshops in the Funding Calendar.

Contact details

If you have any worries about your application, or require assistance or clarification, please contact Council’s Community Funding Officer, phone +64 9 430 4200.

We are always in a much better position to help you before the fund closes, rather than afterwards. Applications are processed as soon as the fund closes so timeframes are tight.

Other funding options

Council’s community funding is limited, and it cannot support all funding applications. There are a wide range of alternative organisations that may be able to support the costs of your project or organisation.

Council offers free access to the GivME and GivUS websites to its Library members via the Whangarei Libraries website, which offer information about most of the funding available in New Zealand. 

GivME and GivUS

For guidance about how to access and use these sites, see the Community Services Funding Guide.

There are also links on the right of this page to websites of some of the larger funding organisations, and to information about societies, trusts and charities.  


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