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Lost or Missing Dogs

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This page contains information about what to do if your dog is lost or missing, and what happens when dogs are impounded.
Updated: 14/09/2016 1:23 p.m.

What to do if your dog is lost or missing

There are a number of reasons why dogs wander and it is most important to start searching as soon as you realise your dog is missing.

  • search your house, garden and your immediate neighbour’s properties
  • search the ‘Found Pets’ section of the newspaper and continue searching regularly
  • ring the Pound +64 9 438 7513, and the SPCA
  • ring all local vets in your area
  • create and copy mailbox fliers (with your dog’s photo, preferably in colour) to neighbours and surrounding streets
  • put a lost-dog sign on your fence
  • put fliers up in local shops, dairies and supermarkets.

There are also various sites on the internet that specialise in lost pets.

Impounding a dog

Council's Animal Management officers have the right to seize and impound any wandering dog. 

If a dog is impounded and is identifiable, the owner will be contacted by phone and also by written notice.

Failure to claim an impounded dog does not relieve the owner from liability for costs incurred. 

Dogs that are unclaimed after seven days become the property of Council and may be rehomed, passed to the SPCA, or may be put to sleep.

No dogs will be released until all related fees have been paid.   

Contact us

Contact us if you have lost your dog or if you have a concern about a stray or nuisance dog.



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