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Dog Exercise Areas including Beaches

Image for the Dog Exercise Areas page.
This page contains information about where you can and cannot exercise your dog in Whangarei district, including reserves, parks and beaches.
Updated: 7/11/2019 10:44 a.m.
Photograph of dog exercise area.

Dog Exercise Park at William Fraser
Memorial Park on Pohe Island

Properly socialised dogs are allowed in public areas throughout the district but there are sensitive areas where dogs are prohibited. 

These areas are generally to protect vulnerable wildlife or where there is a probable conflict with public safety, health and hygiene.

Remember when exercising your dog in parks or on our beaches, be especially vigilant of our wildlife and please keep your dog from disturbing or endangering any other animals.

We have established three different control areas where dogs can be exercised off the leash, exercised on a leash or prohibited altogether.   

Please remember to clean up after your dog.

Dog exercise areas and dog friendly beaches

Dog exercise areas are where dogs can be run off the leash but under control by their owners. The exercise areas listed below include dog friendly beaches.


​Area ​Description
​Kamo; Tikipunga
  • Elgin Place Reserve
  • Hodges Park
  • Tikipunga Sports Park (excluding marked sports fields)
  • Station Road Reserve
  • Beazley Park
  • Te Paka Reserve
​Riverside; Parihaka; Onerahi
  • Panorama Drive Reserve
  • Pah Road Reserve
  • Dog Exercise Park at William Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island
  • Raurimu Avenue Park
  • Ross Street Park
  • Nottingham Road Reserve
  • ​Tauroa Reserve
  • Tarewa Park
  • Raumanga Valley Road Scenic Reserve
  • Otaika Reserve
  • ​Tiki Place Reserve
​Bream Bay
  • ​Riverside Reserve
​Mairtown; Otangarei
  • ​Nixon Street Park
  • Mander Park
  • Otangarei No 1 and 2 grounds (excluding marked sportsfields)
  • Waiarohia Reserve
  • William Jones Reserve
  • Mair Park
Maunu; Morningside​
  • ​Barge Showgrounds(excluding wetlands area)
  • Anzac Park
  • Puriri Park Reserve
  • ​Recreation Domain
  • Waro Lake area off King Street
​One Tree Point
  • ​Shearwater Recreation Ground

Dogs are banned on some beaches to protect vulernable wildlife. Please see the Conservation Ban Areas below.

Dogs are allowed on all other beaches, except between 20 December and 31 January, where they cannot be on the beach between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Excludes the beaches at Ruakaka and Uretiti, as shown on the maps below.

Ruakaka year round dog exercise area [85kb]

Uretiti year round dog exercise area [82kb]

Leash control areas

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in these areas.

  • Town Basin and the Hatea Loop
  • Hatea Walkway - between Whangarei Falls and the Aquatic Centre
  • Waimahanga Walkway.

Prohibited areas

These are areas in the district where dogs are banned at all times. 

Prohibited ​Area ​Description
Council buildings All Council buildings including Forum North and all public libraries.
​Marked sports fields ​All marked sports fields including Kensington Park.
​Cemeteries ​All cemeteries (unless otherwise authorised by the Chief Executive Officer in writing).
​Whangarei Central Business District

All areas as noted in the below map.

​Whangarei CBD [89kb]

​​Matakohe / Limestone Island ​All areas.

All wetlands including but not limited to:

  • Kioreroa Road wetlands (on the western side of Kioreroa Road)
  • Barge Park wetlands​.
​Bush reserves

​All bush reserves including but not limited to:

  • Pukenui Forest including Western Hills
  • Mt. Aubrey, (high track only)
  • Parihaka reserve between the Hatea walkway and the Parihaka Memorial
  • A H Reed Park.

(Excluding bush reserves identified in Schedule B of the Dog Management Policy.)

​Children's play areas ​All children's play areas.

Conservation ban areas 

There are a range of dog ban areas on our coast. The bans exist to protect the unique wildlife in these areas.

Dogs are not allowed in the following areas.

Conservation Ban ​Area ​Description
Bland Bay; Teparapara​

On the beach.

From the northern promontory of Teparapara Bay around North Head Scenic Reserve to the northern end of Bland Bay at intersection where the sand meets the rock outcrop.

Around Motokauri Island.

Bland Bay/Teparapara​ [119kb]

​Bream Head; Ocean Beach

​On the foreshore or beaches.

From the Urquharts Bay car park around the Bream Head reserve coast to the southern end of Ocean Beach adjacent to the rocks opposite Bream Islands.

From the northern promontory on main use beach to the northern extremities opposite Awaroa rock.

Bream Head/Ocean Beach [94kb]


On the beach - and all estuarine areas upstream of both Matapouri bridges (western side of the road).

​Matapouri [89kb]

​Mimiwhangata Coastal Park

​On the beach or offshore islands - from Taiwawe Bay to Pareparea Bay.

Around Rimiriki and Wide Berth Islands.

​Mimiwhangata [88kb]

​Ngunguru; Hora Hora

​On the foreshore or beaches including Ngunguru Sandspit.

From the sign and post at the western edge of Ngunguru River Public Reserve on the south side of the Ngunguru river/estuary, around the peninsular to the southern side of the Horahora River mouth, including the Horahora River estuary.

Ngunguru/Hora Hora [107kb]

​One Tree Point

​On the foreshore or beach.

From the edge of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery, along Marsden Bay, past the Marsden Cove Marina to the end of the beach.

One Tree Point [104kb]


​Estuary and wildlife areas - from the Ruakaka estuary mouth up to Biller Road and where the estuary intersects with State Highway 1.

Includes shaded water areas.

Ruakaka Wildlife Refuge [83kb]


​On the beach and river estuary at Uretiti.

From the Tip Road beach entrance south to the northern end of Camp Waipu Cove, back around the western side of the Waipu Wildlife Refuge to the northern side of the Waipu River mouth.

Includes the shaded water areas.

Waipu Wildlife Refuge [​83kb]


From the Whananaki pedestrian bridge on the southern side of the Whananaki estuary and on to the open coast to Pitokuku Point and along Otamure Bay.

Includes all beaches.

Whananaki [94kb]

Department of Conservation land

Dogs are allowed in approved conservation areas. To find out more information and to view the guidelines, follow the link below to the Department of Conservation website.

Dog Access on Conservation Land  Opens in a new window. 



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