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Welfare and Assistance

This page contains information about welfare assistance which is available for people affected by a Civil Defence emergency.
Updated: 2/08/2012 3:31 p.m.

​If you live in the Whangarei District and have been affected by the recent storm you may be eligible for immediate help.  For more information call the Government Emergency Response Helpline 0800 779 997.

Help for affected people

Assistance is available if you have been affected by the recent storm.  We can help with the costs of immediate and essential needs such as food, clothing and emergency accommodation.

The type and amount of assistance available will differ depending on your situation.

Emergency financial assistance

Emergency financial assistance is available from Work and Income to people who have lost their income and are facing financial hardship as a result.

Food clothing and essential household items

Assistance is available to help with costs such as food, clothing and the replacement or repair of essential household items (fridges, washing machines, septic tanks and bedding).  This assistance is income and asset tested.  You do not have to be receiving a benefit to qualify.


Assistance is available to reimburse people who billeted evacuees or to pay hotel/motel accommodation for evacuees who were made homeless.  Other assistance may be available depending on your needs.  Call 0800 779 997 to find out more.

Victim support

Victim Support can deliver 24 hours, seven days a week support services to help people recover from the stress and trauma brought on by the storm. 
To find out more call 0800 VICTIM (842 846), email Victim Support on or call your local police station and ask for Victim Support to be contacted.

Housing help available

Housing New Zealand can co-ordinate housing assistance for flood evacuees while their affected homes are being repaired or rebuilt.  This can be short-term or long-term housing.
Call the HNZC National Contact Centre 0800 801 601 if you need housing assistance or would like to talk to someone about how Housing New Zealand can help.

Enhanced Taskforce Green

Help may be available to people who have sustained damage to their property and are unable to clean up the damage themselves.  This help won’t cost you anything.  Council and Work and Income will provide the workers and the funding.  Call 0800 779 997 to find out how Enhanced Taskforce Green can help you.
MAF has appointed a number of agricultural recovery facilitators for Enhanced Taskforce Green to prioritise the farms and orchards that require assistance. Workers can help farmers and orchardists with operations such as removal of trees, mending fences and cleaning up debris. 
These facilitators are coordinated by NZ Landcare Trust.  You can contact the Trust on 0800 526 322.

Marae assistance

If you need to assess the damage to your marae due to the floods, contact Walter Wells at Te Puni Kokiri, Ministry of Maori Development on 09 430 3731 or 027 226 3882, between 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday-Friday.  You can also email Walter

Tax relief

Inland Revenue can help with tax relief.  This can include remission of penalties for not filing returns or making payments on time, extensions of time for filing returns, late re-estimation of provisional tax, installment arrangements for tax payments, and deposits to/withdrawals from the Income Equalisation and Adverse Event Schemes. 
Working for Families Tax Credits linked to income levels can also be adjusted where necessary.  Call 0800 473 566 to find out more. 
For Child Support enquiries, please phone 0800 221 221.

Welfare Centres

Council can provide welfare facilities for those who are displaced from their homes and have no other form of assistance and accommodation during an emergency event. Individual needs assessments will be undertaken to assess the level of assistance required. If a welfare centre is required, it will be opened at the ASB Lounge at Kensington and the public will be advised via a media release and on this website.

Coastal Communities

Whangarei District Coastal Communities have Volunteer Civil Defence Community Response Groups, who may open a public building within the community if required to provide support. These buildings are identified within the community response plans and if the decision to open one is made by the group, it can be identified by the Civil Defence Community Centre signs placed outside these buildings.



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