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Civic Honours Award

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This page contains information about Council's Civic Honours Award.
Updated: 5/09/2018 10:07 a.m.

Civic Honours Awards

A Civic Honour is the highest award that Whangarei District Council bestows upon its citizens.

Every year Whangarei District Council honours up to four citizens for outstanding voluntary service with the Civic Honours Awards.

Civic Honours Awards give recognition to those citizens, who by their personal leadership, inspiration, sacrifice or devotion to a cause, have made a significant contribution to the community wellbeing of the Whangarei District.

The usual maximum number of recipients in any one year is four.

Making a nomination

Nominations for the annual Civic Honours awards close 1 May each year. The awards evening is held each August and recipients are announced following this.

To make a nomination, please read the guide and complete the nomination form below. 

Civic Honours Nomination Form and Guidelines [318kb]

A Word document version of the form is available - email

More information

For more information about Civic Honours Awards contact Whangarei District Council's Community Funding Officer on +64 9 430 4200 or email

Civic Honours Award Recipients

Recipients of a Civic Honours Award are listed below, with their citations available in the links.

2018 Civic Honours

  • Pamela Stevens
  • Russell Rawiri
  • Fay Colthurst
  • Warren Daniel

2018 Civic Honours citations (249kb)

2017 Civic Honours

  • Kelvin Attwood
  • Linda Melville
  • Maxine Neighbour
  • Audrey Trimmer

2017 Civic Honours citations (160kb)

2016 Civic Honours

  • Anthony Solomon
  • Stuart Clark
  • Jeffrey D'Ath
  • Rosemary Waters

2016 Civic Honours citations (274kb)

2015 Civic Honours

  • Naotake Fukuoka
  • Peter Coates
  • Atsuko Fukuoka
  • Margaret Hibbert

2015 Civic Honours citations (479kb)

2014 Civic Honours

  • Helen McGregor
  • Trevor McKenzie
  • Paratene Te Manu (Sonny) Wellington
  • Delecia (Maxi) Thompson
  • John McGregor

2014 Civic Honour citations (639kb)

2013 Civic Honours

  • Sophie Edwards
  • Fredrick and Mary Field
  • Mervyn Rusk
  • Desmond Coutts

2013 Civic Honours citations (835kb)

2012 Civic Honours

  • Robert (Robbie) Stevenson
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Fyfe
  • Peter Harding
  • Sheryn Comrie

2012 Civic Honours citations (441kb)

2011 Civic Honours

  • Loha Bruce
  • Henry Davis
  • Fraser Sim
  • D'Arcy Bailey

2011 Civic Honours citations (492kb)

2010 Civic Honours

  • Vivienne Dobson
  • David Dobson
  • Yvonne Stewart
  • Ray Palmer
  • Archie Dixon

2010 Civic Honours citations (462kb)

2009 Civic Honours

  • Irene Walding
  • Rev Des Olney
  • Deane Main
  • Jennifer Brasting

2008 Civic Honours

  • Andrew Gurney
  • Hazel O'Donnell
  • Betty Powell
  • Jean Marian Barclay

2007 Civic Honours

  • John and Sheila House
  • Rhondda Rutherford-Dunn
  • Jean Dufty
  • Roger Neal


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