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This page contains information about keeping animals in the district and animal control.
Updated: 14/09/2016 12:36 p.m.

Council is responsible for enforcement and administration of the Impounding Act 1955 and other regulations for animal owners.

We contract the team at Environmental Northland to provide an animal control service on our behalf. 

Wandering stock

Stock includes any horse, cattle, deer, ass, mule, sheep, pig, or goat of any description.

Stock wandering onto public roads and road reserves is a serious safety issue. If you notice stock on the roads, please contact our animal control contractor, Environmental Northland.

The Keeping of Animals, Bees and Poultry Bylaw 2007 outlines owners' responsibilities about not allowing their stock to wander. 

Stray animals

If the animal belongs to a neighbour, let them know and resolve the problem with them.

If it can't be resolved, contact us for further assistance.

Keeping animals

We have tried to find a balance between the rights of people to keep animals, poultry and bees and the rights of the general public to be free of annoyance or nuisance such as excessive noise, smell or health risks.

For further  information about the regulations for keeping animals, follow the link below.

Keeping of Animals, Bees and Poultry Bylaw 2007

Contact us

If you wish to make a complaint about any animal or wandering stock problems, please contact us on 0800 932 463 (24hrs)

Please click on the link below for our full contact details.

Council Offices - location and hours of opening



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