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Post Approval Process

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This page contains information about the process which relates to the approval and deposit of survey plans for subdivisions.
Updated: 19/10/2018 8:06 a.m.

A subdivision will normally have a number of conditions and the approval and deposit of survey plans ensures that the consent holder complies with these conditions.

The process includes the payment of any Development Contributions, our approval of the design and engineering details and completion of works such as roading, water supply, earthworks and drainage.

Our Environmental Engineering Standards (EES) contain the minimum acceptable levels for engineering design and construction in the district.

A surveyor will define the allotment and prepare the title plan to send to us for approval and to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to issue new titles.

Approval of Survey Plan (s223)

The survey plan is submitted to us to approve that it conforms with the subdivision consent already issued.

This application must be received within 5 years of the date of the subdivision consent and it must match what was granted in the consent eg easements, covenants, amalgamation conditions.

We have 10 days to either approve or decline the plan.

An interim invoice may be incurred at this stage for reviewing and approving the survey plan and checking compliance with conditions or for inspections carried out by our Environmental Engineering Officer. 

Compliance with conditions (s224c)

This is approval by us that all conditions of the consent have been met to our satisfaction or will be met later.

Where conditions have not been complied with, there must be either:

  • a completion certificate or consent notice issued by us or,
  • a bond that has been entered into by the consent holder in compliance with the relevant condition. 

This stage of the subdivision can be processed at the same time as the s223 Certificate.

If not, it must be applied for within 3 years of the date of approval of the s223 Certificate, or else the original subdivision consent will lapse.  

A final invoice is raised and before the s224c Certificate is issued, all outstanding charges must be paid including any Development Contributions. 

If one of your conditions of consent requires a road name to be submitted for approval, please use the attached form.

You will need to ensure that you provide good reasons for selecting the suggested road names so that Council can assess and determine whether any one of those road names are appropriate.

Progressing a Subdivision [132kb]

Application for Road Naming [79kb]

Completing the printable form

Download and save a copy to your computer first. You can then either:

  • print it, complete it by hand and send or deliver it to us; or
  • fill it out on your computer and save it before attaching it to an email to us.

Application for s223 and s224 Certification of Subdivision [1.6mb]

Uncompleted works bond

Engineering works can be bonded to allow the subdivision to be completed and the Section 224 certificate issued. 

We hold the bond, at the request of the applicant, which covers the expected cost of specific works. 

The applicant must complete the bonded works within a certain time period.

If they are not completed in accordance with the bond requirements, we will undertake the works using the bond security itself.

Engineering Bond [64kb]

Contact us

If you need assistance with any aspect of your consent, you can contact any of our Customer Service Centres or the duty planner, phone +64 9 430 4200, who will be able to discuss with you all matters relating to the application process.


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