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Notified Applications

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This page contains information about the notification of Resource Consent applications and details of those which are currently open for submissions.
Updated: 28/08/2015 8:44 a.m.

​The Resource Management Act (RMA) sets out the criteria for making a decision on whether a resource consent application is publicly notified or not.  

There are two types of notification, and we make the decision about which type based on the application and the information supplied with it.

Public notification

The public in general are notified if:

  • the effects of the proposal on the environment are assessed as being more than minor
  • written approvals of all those affected by the proposal haven't been obtained.

We will place a public notice on this website and in the media which summarises the application. Anyone can lodge a submission supporting or opposing the application or to indicate a neutral position, within 20 working days.

All notified resource consent applications for the last seven months are listed in the tables below:

Limited notification

If we decide not to publicly notify an application, we will only notify those people who may be directly affected by it and only they can lodge a submission.

If anyone who is affected provides their written approval, we don't need to notify them and they can't lodge a submission.

Making a submission on a notified resource consent

If you would like to make a submission on a notified resource consent application, follow the link below for further information and to download a submission form.

Search for resource consent applications

You can search for recent resource consent applications received and granted by us. Follow the link below.

Contact us

The notified resource consent applications are listed below in date order.

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There are no current notified resource consents applications under consultation.

Recently Closed

215 Awaroa River Road Abbey Caves Whangarei 0110
(Lot 2 DP 385691)
Applicant: Terence John and Gail Hickey Notified: 22/03/2017
Application Number: SD1700034 P120491 Submissions Closed: 21/04/2017
561 State Highway 1 Kamo   0185 (Lot 2 DP 419817)
Applicant: Jerome Dominic Luiten Notified: 22/02/2017
Application Number: SD1500115 P123852 Submissions Closed: 22/03/2017
99 Millington Road, Whangarei (Lot 3 DP 209193)
Applicant: Kerry Whitehouse Notified: 11/01/2017
Application Number: SD1600213 P101857 Submissions Closed: 10/02/2017
280 Cemetery Road, Maunu (Lot 1 DP 95017 CCFR 51A/715)
Applicant: Jean C Sanders Notified: 9/11/2016
Application Number: SD1600141, P038766 Submissions Closed: 7/12/2016
Old Parua Bay Road being Lot 5 DP 187249
Applicant: Jock Palmer Notified: 19/10/2016
Application Number: SD1600140, P077965 Submissions Closed: 17/11/2016
60 Hawken Road Whangarei being Lot 1 DP 86368
Applicant: Debra Faye Williamson and Shane Thomas Williamson Notified: 5/10/2016
Application Number: SL1600006, P038461 Submissions Closed: 3/11/2016
11 Sands Road Whangarei being Lot 1 DP 176594
Applicant: Sabina Nicolette Rochford and Andrew Peter Rochford Notified: 5/10/2016
Application Number: SD1600147, P077013 Submissions Closed: 3/11/2016
38 Ferry Road, Waipu (Pt Lot 1 DP70181)
Applicant: DEYI Investment Limited Notified: 28/09/2016
Application Number: SL1600007 P042602 Submissions Closed: 27/10/2016
76 Mountfield Road, Waipu (Lot 1 DP 486274)
Applicant: Alastair James Robertson Notified: 10/08/2016
Application Number: SD1600102, P127831 Submissions Closed: 7/09/2016
Great North Road, Kamo being Lot 1 DP 95623, Lot 1 DP 136224 and Lot 1 DP 1077977
Applicant: Whangarei Christian Education Trust Notified: 8/06/2016
Application Number: SD1600077, P076024 Submissions Closed: 6/07/2016
The proposal is to undertake a subdivision by way of boundary relocation, to rationalise three existing certificates of title with respect to existing land uses, being Excellere College & Arise Church.  The titles cross three different District Plan Environment.  The application requires public notification in accordance with the public notification rule associated with the Urban Transition Environment (UTE3.3(a))
13 Grant Street, Kamo 0112 (Allot 92 Tn Kamo)
Applicant: Lopez Ltd Notified: 17/05/2016
Application Number: LU1600065 P044165 Submissions Closed: 15/06/2016
274 Whau Valley Road, Whangarei, being Section 1 SO 493018.
Applicant: Whangarei District Council- Notice of Requirement (Proposed Water Treatment Plant) Notified: 10/05/2016
Application Number: RQ1600001 Submissions Closed: 8/06/2016
Corner of Otaika Road (SH 1) and Tarewa Road, Otaika affecting various Certificates of Title.
Applicant: New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Notified: 19/04/2016
Application Number: RQ1500002, P109349 Submissions Closed: 18/05/2016
99 Franklin Road, Parua Bay (Lot 2 DP 210828)
Applicant: Kohenui Farms Ltd Notified: 10/05/2016
Application Number: SD1500016 Submissions Closed: 16/02/2016
Nova Scotia Drive, Waipu (Lot 1 DP 166434)
Applicant: Saleyards Investments Limited Notified: 12/01/2016
Application Number: LU1500110, P114274 Submissions Closed: 11/02/2016
Application by Saleyards Investments Limited in regards to establishing and operating a commercial complex consisting of a hardware store, specialist shops with first floor offices above, a supermarket, storage units and associated car parking and loading facilities on Nova Scotia Drive, Waipu.
60 Riverside Drive, Whangarei (Pt Lot 4 DP 32954)
Applicant: Forum North Childcare Notified: 11/01/2016
Application Number: LU1500172, P051660 Submissions Closed: 10/02/2016
This page contains information for a resource consent application by Forum North Childcare to establish and operate a childcare centre on a vacant site withing the Living 1 Environment.



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