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Notified Applications

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This page contains information about the notification of Resource Consent applications and details of those which are currently open for submissions.
Updated: 8/05/2019 10:44 a.m.

​The Resource Management Act (RMA) sets out the criteria for making a decision on whether a resource consent application is publicly notified or not.  

There are two types of notification, and we make the decision about which type based on the application and the information supplied with it.

Public notification

The public in general are notified if:

  • the effects of the proposal on the environment are assessed as being more than minor
  • written approvals of all those affected by the proposal haven't been obtained.

We will place a public notice on this website and in the media which summarises the application. Anyone can lodge a submission supporting or opposing the application or to indicate a neutral position, within 20 working days.

All notified resource consent applications for the last seven months are listed in the tables below:

Limited notification

If we decide not to publicly notify an application, we will only notify those people who may be directly affected by it and only they can lodge a submission.

If anyone who is affected provides their written approval, we don't need to notify them and they can't lodge a submission.

Making a submission on a notified resource consent

If you would like to make a submission on a notified resource consent application, follow the link below for further information and to download a submission form.

Search for resource consent applications

You can search for recent resource consent applications received and granted by us. Follow the link below.

Contact us

The notified resource consent applications are listed below in date order.

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There are no current notified resource consents applications under consultation.

Recently Closed

385 Whangarei Heads Road
Applicant: Promethean Concepts Ltd Notified: 22/08/2020
Application Number: SD1800135 Submissions Closed: 18/09/2020
The proposal is to undertake a three-lot subdivision and to undertake remediation works at 385 Whangarei Heads Road.
35 Pataua South Road, Parua Bay
Applicant: Whangarei Heads Community Resource Recovery Charitable Trust Notified: 22/08/2020
Application Number: LU2000054 Submissions Closed: 18/09/2020
The application is to establish and operate a community-based waste recovery centre at 35 Pataua South Road, Parua Bay.
1305 Matapouri Road, Sandy Bay (Lot 2 DP 210877)
Applicant: Don Pullman Notified: 8/07/2020
Application Number: SD2000011 / P106193 Submissions Closed: 4/08/2020
The Resource Consent application is to undertake a subdivision to create five allotments, including the creation of conservation and restrictive covenants, and a new vehicle crossing, at 1305 Matapouri Road, Sandy Bay.
67-87 Puriri Park Road, Whangarei (SEC 1-2 SO 475907 and Lot 2 DP 77106)
Applicant: Housing New Zealand Corporation Notified: 8/05/2019
Application Number: WDC Refs: SL1900012 P127483 NRC Refs: App. 040901.01.01 Submissions Closed: 6/06/2019



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