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This page contains information about resource consent hearings and links to the decisions from those hearings.
Updated: 28/11/2019 1:27 p.m.

A hearing may be necessary if we receive submissions objecting to a resource consent application. If one is required it is usually held within the 25 working days after the submission period closes.

We notify both the applicant and submitters of the date at least 10 working days before the hearing. If a planning report has been prepared we send it to the applicant and submitters at least five working days before the hearing.

We employ independent Hearings Commissioners for all hearings. If any application receives submissions but there has been no request for a hearing, the Commissioner will make a decision on the application outside of the hearing formal process. 

The planners report

The planners report includes reports from other professionals, e.g. engineers and landscape architects and may include recommendations which the Commissioner can use as a guide in making any decision.

Viewing Hearings Commissioner Agendas

Agendas for Resource Consent Hearings can be viewed by following the link below. 

Pre-hearing meetings

A pre-hearing and mediation meeting can be held at any time before a hearing to clarify or help to resolve any issues. We may arrange a pre-hearing meeting at the request of a submitter or the applicant.

With the prior agreement of the applicant, attendance at pre-hearing meetings can also be required. In these cases, if the person does not attend and does not have a reasonable excuse, we can decline to process the application or submission (whichever applies).

Joint hearings and decision making

If a proposal requires resource consent from both the District and Regional Council, joint or combined hearings are held.

Where a proposal involves resource consents from two or more councils, and the application is to be heard, the councils must jointly hear and consider those applications.

A joint hearing is not necessary if the councils and the applicant agree that one need not be held.

The hearing decision

The Commissioner makes a decision within 15 working days after the hearing has closed and we send it to the agent and/or applicant. The cost of Commissioners, consultants and staff is charged at actual cost after a decision is made on the application.

An appeal can be made to the Environment Court by the applicant, consent holder or submitter on any decision made by the Commissioner.

Follow the link below for information about the process.

Viewing hearing decisions

Full versions of resource consent decisions for the last 18 months can be viewed by following the link below.



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