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Appeals on Decisions

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This page contains information about the process for lodging an appeal to the Environment Court on any decision made by a Commissioner.
Updated: 23/09/2013 3:36 p.m.

​An appeal to the Environment Court can be made on any decision made by the Commissioner. The applicant or consent holder or any person who made a submission can lodge an appeal.  

The Court's decision is final unless it chooses to review it due to new information coming to hand or it is appealed to the High Court on a question of law. The Environment Court can award costs and order "security for costs" to be paid to an appellant.  

Applications that have been called in by the Minister for the Environment and decided by either a board of inquiry or the Environment Court, can't be appealed to the Environment Court. However they can be appealed, on points of law only, to the High Court. 

Lodging an appeal

An appeal needs to be made on the specific form within 15 working days after the hearing. A fee of $500 is charged to lodge an appeal to the Environment Court.

To download information about the procedure and the forms, select from the links below.

Appeal - Decision of Consent Authority [183kb]

Appeal - Decision of Requiring Authority [186kb]


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