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Other Licences

This page contains information about operating a premises licensed under the Health Act 1956 - hairdressers, camping grounds, offensive trades and funeral directors.
Updated: 20/12/2019 10:50 a.m.

​If you operate one of the following businesses in Whangarei, you must register with Council:

  • hairdresser/barber
  • camping ground
  • offensive trade 
  • funeral director

Intention to Register New Premise Application Form (under Health Act 1956)

You will receive a registration certificate which you need to display where public can view it, and you will be inspected annually to ensure you comply with the requirements of the Act.

Stalls and Hawking

If you want to operate a mobile shop, hawk or set up a stall in a public place in Whangarei District you will need to apply for a licence. 

You will also need to register as a food business if you intend to sell food. 

Follow the link below to view information about Stalls and Hawking

Beauty Therapy, Tattooing and Piercing 

These businesses are not currently required to register in Whangarei.  This may change in future.

If you believe as a customer that your health has been affected by anyone offering any of the services above, an Environmental Health Officer will investigate any complaints. 

Please contact Environmental Health on 09 430 4230. 


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