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District Licensing Committee Decisions

This page contains links to copies of decisions by the District Licensing Committee on applications for liquor licences.
Updated: 19/02/2018 10:34 a.m.

District Licensing Agencies have been replaced by District Licensing Committees (DLCs) on 18 December 2013. 

A DLC is comprised of an elected local Council member and two other members or Commissioners. The Committee will decide contested and uncontested applications for new or renewed licences, managers’ certificates, temporary authorities and special licences.

To view information about the Committee and its terms of reference, follow the link below. 

Monthly unopposed decisions

A monthly summary of all unopposed applications considered for the last 12 months are listed in the table below. Each document opens in a new window.

December 2017 [222.7kb]Granted
November 2017 [229.3kb]Granted
October 2017 [219.5kb]Granted
September 2017 [223.3kb]Granted
August 2017 [229.3kb]Granted
July 2017 [214.7kb]Granted
June 2017 [218.5kb]Granted
May 2017 [226.8kb]Granted
April 2017 [216.6kb]Granted
March 2017 [225.3kb]Granted
February 2017 [224.2kb]Granted

Public hearing decisions considered

All public hearing decisions considered for the last 3 months are listed in the table below. Each document opens in a new window.

Janet Dawn Pope [202.1kb]Public Hearing4/12/2017Granted
Helene Bay Cafe Limited [202.1kb]Public Hearing4/12/2017Granted
Nickholas Anthony Pole [195.3kb]Public Hearing29/09/2017Granted



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