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Food Premises

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This page contains information about the registration of food premises, food premises grading, food safety and hygiene.
Updated: 4/03/2016 2:13 p.m.

The Food Act 2014 requires all food businesses to register with the Council.  Existing food businesses already registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 will transition to the new Act over the next 3 years.  The Food Act 2014 is a risk based system of food safety controls, requiring that any food that is sold or traded must be safe and suitable.  This moves away from the strict requirements on physical layout from the Food Hygiene Regulations.

To find out more about the new requirements, transition timeframes, and what rules you need to follow, follow the links below to the Ministry of Primary Industries website.

Where do I fit? 

Food Act 2014 - Transition Timetable

Food premises grading

We have a bylaw which means food businesses are graded after an inspection or audit, it also requires the operator to display a grade at their premises.  We will continue grading as part of the inspection/audit process.  For the database on grades awarded to operators follow the link below.

Opening a food business

If you want to process and/or sell food to the public, you must register the premises with us.  You can download an Intention to Register a New Food Business form here.   

You will need to talk to the Planning Department and Building Control about whether any consent is required for you to open this business.

Taking over an existing business

Taking over a food businesses is classed as a ‘significant change’ and means as the new operator, you will have to operate under the Food Act 2014 from the day you take over the business.  Please call Environmental Health before you take over the business so we can help you through the transition.

Food stalls and mobile shops

To sell food from a stall or a mobile shop you will still need to register under the Food Act 2014.  We will need to check that you have controls in place to keep your food safe and suitable.

There is a bylaw in this District which licenses where traders can operate in public spaces.  To read the Hawkers, Mobile Shops, Stands and Stalls Bylaw, or to apply a licence, follow the links below.

Stall Licence Application Form [126kb]

Making a food complaint

If you have found a foreign object in food you have bought or you suspect that you have food poisoning from food you have purchased, contact Environmental Health on the number below.

Contact us

Call +64 9 430 4200 and ask for Environmental Health. 


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