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Landscape Guidelines

Image for the Landscape Guidelines page.
This page contains information about the Landscape Guidelines which have been developed to help those who apply to Council for resource consent.
Updated: 6/08/2013 12:45 p.m.

The Landscape Guidelines are a set of guidance tools for preparing landscape plans as part of a subdivision or land use consent application. They are non-statutory and aim to encourage best practice approaches to landscape planning associated with consent applications.

A landscape assessment practice note has been prepared to help you meet the District Plan requirements. This note provides guidance on what landscape information should be provided as part of any resource consent application, and how such information is assessed by the planning staff. To download the practice note, follow the link below.

Landscape Assessment Practice Note [145kb]

Viewing the guidelines

The Landscape Guidelines are available below as a single document as well as split into chapters and single guide sheets for easier downloading. To download the full version, follow the link below.

Landscape Guidelines Full version [5.3mb]

To view individual chapters, select from the list by clicking on the '+' to display the contents of each section. Each individual document opens in a new window. 


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