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Processing a Building Consent

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This page contains information about the building consent process and explanation of the stages involved.
Updated: 17/03/2020 3:50 p.m.

There are five stages involved in receiving and processing applications for building consents.

Stage 1 - Vetting 

Providing a high standard of documentation is the best way to get the go ahead for your consent and avoid delays.

Applications undergo a vetting process prior to acceptance that will assess the completeness of the documentation and the technical content of plans and specifications provided.

If required documentation is not included or contains errors or omissions the application will not be accepted and you will be advised of the reasons why.

The Guidance Notes and the Building Consent Application Form contain details of Council’s documentation requirements for applications for Building Consent.

Please refer to these as you compile your application and make sure that you have included all required information before attempting to submit it.

Building Consent Application - Guidance Notes [156kb]

If the application is accepted, initial fees will be calculated in accordance with Council’s schedule of fees and charges, an invoice raised and the "20 day assessment clock" will be started.

Please note that payment of the initial fee is required at the time the application is accepted.

Further charges may be incurred if additional time is required to process the application or if extra inspections are carried out through the construction process.

Stage 2 - Planning assessment

Your application will be assessed to determine whether:

  • the proposal meets the requirements of the District Plan
  • any notifications are required under the Building Act, or
  • there are Development Contributions to pay.  

If you have applied for a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) this will be issued along with copies of any engineering reports or other documentation we hold that may affect your project.

If you have not applied for a PIM, you will receive a letter advising of any such issues or concerns.

A fee will be charged for this service.

Stage 3 - Technical assessment

A building officer will assess the technical details of the project to ensure that the requirements of the New Zealand Building Act 2004 and Building Code are being met.

During processing of your application, the "20 day" clock stops if we need to ask you for further information. The request for further information will be in writing to you.

Please respond quickly with accurate information to avoid delay. Once the full information is provided in full the clock will be started again.

Follow the links below to see the technical processing sheets used by our building officers. You can use them as a guide when preparing your application. All documents open in a new window.

Technical Processing Sheet (residential) [368kb]

Technical Processing Sheet (commercial) [394kb]

At this stage the Council inspections and any third party verifications that will be required during the construction  phase of your project will be nominated by the Building Officer.

These will allow our building inspectors to confirm compliance with the building code at the end of the project. This information will be entered onto the 'Schedule of Site Requirements' that will be included in your consent pack.

Schedule of Site Requirements [68kb]

Stage 4 - Granting

Once the building officer is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the project will meet the requirements of the Building Code, if carried out in accordance with the submitted plans and specifications, and susbsequent administration items like full fees payment have been met, the application will be granted.

The officer will also decide what conditions are required to be applied to the building consent.

These will typically include the condition that inspections are required to be undertaken to confirm that work is progressing as per the approved plans and specifications.

Please read the building consent and other supplied documentation is read and understood before building work starts. This action stops the "20 day assessment" clock.

Note; Do not start any building work until the Building Consent has been issued.

If the officer is not satisfied that the work will comply with the code the application will be refused and reasons given. If this is the case you can complain to either the Manager Building Control or seek a determination from the Ministry.

Stage 5 - Issuing

In issuing your Building Consent:

  • the building consent documentation is prepared 
  • any required notifications are drawn up, and  

The building consent is a legal document and you will be required to make sure that all work is undertaken in accordance with the plans and specifications that have been approved.

Please check the details thoroughly and notify us immediately if anything appears to be amiss.

The consent pack will include a copy of the plans and specifications stamped 'approved' by Council.

The Building Consent will also include conditions that need to be adhered to. Please read the and ensure that you understand the documentation and requirements before starting to build.

Please check the details thoroughly and notify us immediately if anything appears to be amiss.

Also included is list of inspections on the 'Schedule of Site Requirements' document which also details any other documentation required as the project progresses.

Please make sure that you comply with the requirements of this schedule to avoid difficulties later in the project. Inspections can be booked by telephoning +64 9 430 4224.

You will need:

  • your Building Consent number,
  • location of the project and,
  • if restricted building work is involved, the name and registration number of the Licensed Building Practitioner who undertook the work.

Contact us

Please contact any of our Customer Service Centres for help with applying for a building consent or with questions about fees and charges.

For any technical enquiries please contact the duty building officer.


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