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Guidance Notes

This page contains more detailed information on specific items and technical guidance on topics concerned with Building.
Updated: 25/03/2019 12:28 p.m.

​These guidance notes are designed to give you more information and insight on the stated topic.

They are based on council's current knowledge and understanding.

These are subject to change through mechanisms like determinations, case law and guidance from the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment.

Announcements and updates from the building department

This page contains announcements and updates from the Building Department and provides links to meeting presentations held for the local development industry.

Certificate of Acceptance

This page contains information about Certificates of Acceptance as related to the Building Act 2004, how to apply, and what the overall process is.

Certificate of Public Use

This page contains information about Certificates of Public Use, what they are and what they mean.

Change of Use of a Building under the Building Act 2004

This page contains information about changes of use as specified in the Building Act 2004 and associated regulations and how council will deal with these.

Code Compliance Certificates for Older Buildings

This page contains information about older buildings which have not been issued a Code Compliance Certificate and how owners can proceed.

Code Mark Products, Systems and Alternative Solutions

This page contains information about Code marked products and alternative solutions, the information we require to assist processing, to save time and cost and what you can do if we are not satisfied on reasonable grounds and refuse your application.

Conditions on Building Consents

This page contains information about the conditions that can be issued on a building consent and the importance for applicants, builders and construction professionals to read and understand and act on them as required.

Engineering Advice

This page contains information of some of the professionals that you may require when planning and conducting building work.


This page contains information on requirements for building work that does not require a building consent.

Home Owner Exemptions

This page contains information on Home Owner or "DIY" building requirements so read on if you are considering or want to build yourself.

Natural Hazards

This page contains information about Natural hazards as defined in the Building Act 2004 and acid sulphate soils and Council's requirements when building in areas affected them.

Process for Complaints

This page contains information about how clients can complain about building controls actions and steps they can take.

Producer Statements and Whangarei requirements

This page contains information and guidance on how we view, use, review Producer Statements and when they may be required. These are important documents when considering building compliance and should be given due respect to their use, compilation.

Relocated Buildings and Cabins

This page contains information to assist owners and construction companies of considerations and requirements  when looking to use relocateable buildings within the Whangarei District.

Restricted Building work

This page contains guidance that broadly describes what Restricted Building Work is and who can do this. This guidance by itself will not be enough if these requirements are new to you so we encourage you to review the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s guidance on this topic.

Safe and Sanitary - Building Condition Assessment Reports

This page contains information about reports that may be obtained on a building's condition by owners but will not feature as part of council's record and the reasoning why these reports are not filed by council.

Shipping containers as buildings

The following guidance note outlines regulatory considerations and when building consent will be required.

Specified Intended Life of a Building

This page contains information about the specified itended life of buildings as required underthe BA 2004

Subdivision of Land Affecting a Building

This page contains information about what steps are required if an owner subdivides land or a building which affects part or the whole of a building. This should be considered with District Plan rules as well and also connections to services requirements.

When is a building a vehicle or a building?

This page contains information explaining how we will consider the question "is this a vehicle or a building?"



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