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Specified Life of a Building (s113)

This page contains information about the specified itended life of buildings as required underthe BA 2004
Updated: 15/10/2018 12:02 p.m.

Most buildings are expected to have and indefinite life, exceeding 50 years, meaning that the building or structure consented is permanent.

Sometimes, however, buildings may be required to be temporary, or have a shorter intended life of less than 50 years.

This might mean for example that some materials used may not be up to the durability requirements and are not expected to last.

These factors and the building's intended life need to be stated on the building consent application if applicable.

Officers can then consider whether methods and materials will perform adequately as near as they can reasonably ascertain for consenting.

If a building consent is issued for a building with a specified intended life, it will be a condition of the building consent that the building will be altered, demolished or removed before the end of this stated life.

The building owner may request an "extension of life", if after construction and issue of the Code Compliance Certificate. 

The Council will need to be reasonably satisfied that the building can continue to satisfactorily perform to the building code for the requested extension.

If the building is already failing in some respects to the building code, the extension may not be possible to grant.

This consideration will require an inspection of the building by officers to ascertain there current condition and performance to the code.

There is not an application form this but written Notice is required to extend the life of a building so please either formally write to:

The Manager - Building Control
Whangarei District Council,
Private Bag 9023,
Whangarei 0148

or send an email to us to notify. Note this must be undertaken before the date specified in the condition of the building consent.


Section 113 of the Building Act 2004 - Buildings with specified intended lives

Also note this time frame should not be confused with any guarantees or service life of building products or durability times stated in documents like the building code or similar, this relates to how long is the building or structure going to be in place and used for.



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