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Code Compliance Certificate

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This page contains information about Code Compliance Certification, which is a formal confirmation that all building works have been completed.
Updated: 24/04/2020 8:36 a.m.

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is formal confirmation that all building works have been completed in accordance with the consented documents and meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

The CCC is the only document that does this.  

At the end of your building project we will issue a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) if we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the bulding work complies with the building consent.

Applying for a Code Compliance Certificate - When and how

As soon as practicable following completion of the building work an owner must make application for a CCC by completing the CCC application form.

To download the CCC application form, follow the link below.

Code Compliance Certificate Application [112kb]

When you apply for your CCC, you must attach where applicable, any outstanding documents not already submitted to Council.

These can include:

  • memoranda from licensed building practitioner(s) stating what restricted building work they carried out or supervised
  • any certificates relating to energy work (e.g. gas and electrical certificates)
  • evidence that specified systems are capable of performing to the performance standards set out in the building consent

We may refuse to issue a CCC if:

  • the work is not complete, or
  • we do not have adequate evidence that the work complies with your building consent, or
  • if energy works certificate(s) are not supplied, or,
  • producer statements as identified on the building consent or through construction have not been provided, or​
  • Development Contributions are outstanding or other fees.

The building officer undertaking the final inspection will talk through the process with you and give you advice on what you need to do. 

Please give clear instructions about where we should send any invoices for outstanding fees and the CCC document itself.

Processing an application for a Code Compliance Certificate

Council has 20 working days to make a decision whether to issue a CCC from receipt of a complete application. This is similar to the building consent process in that if we find we need more information, the “clock” will be stopped until this is supplied in full.

The application is processed in two stages:

Stage 1 - Technical assessment

A building officer will review Council's file and check that all information is present and supporting documents (including producer statements) have been received. They will also confirm that, as near as they can reasonably determine that the completed works comply with the issued consent.

If further information is required from you, this will be requested and the processing clock will stop until it is received. This will usually be completed by the officer at the final inspection.

Stage 2 - Administrative

Any outstanding fees are calculated and an invoice raised. If Development Contributions are applicable, they are calculated and invoiced at this point. 

Please note that the CCC will not be issued until any costs relating to development contributions have been paid.

If the building has specified systems such as fire alarms, sprinklers and elevators that have been added, removed or altered, we will also issue a compliance schedule and a compliance schedule statement with the CCC.

For further information about Development Contributions select the link below.

If an application for CCC has not been made within 24 months from the date the building consent was granted, or any further period that may be agreed between the owner and the BCA (Council), the Council must decide whether to issue the CCC.

We will be in contact with you informing you of the options that can be taken if you have not applied within the time frame. If the building work is still in progress, extending this time frame can be arranged for example. If you do not either;

  • agree an extension of time, or,
  • apply for CCC,

we still have to make a decision to either issue or the refuse the issue of CCC.

If we can, we will issue the CCC, following on from a full technical review to ensure that all aspects of the building consent have been satisfied, including any documentation requirements.

Refusal of to issue a Code Compliance Certificate

If we cannot issue the CCC, we will issue a letter to the owner advising of this and detail the reasons why.

This decision does not prevent you from applying for a CCC at a later date, but ensure that the items listed on the refusal have been addressed.


Through the process of consenting, construction and even issuance of a CCC, you may wish to complain about either the service or decisions made by the building team. Please refer to our guidance on this.

Note that if you do not agree with decisions made and you believe that the matter should be considered outside of council then the determination process offered by the Ministry of Businesses Innovation and Employment can be considered.

Contact us

For any technical enquiries please contact either the duty building officer or a building inspector on site.



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