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Building Consent Forms and Applications

This page contains all the forms and applications for Building Consents.
Updated: 30/09/2014 12:17 p.m.

Building - Building Compliance Schedule Amendment Application (AF) [329.7kb]

Building - Building Consent Amendment Application (AF) [109kb]

Application to amend a Building Consent

Building - Building Consent Exemption Application (AF) [71.6kb]

Application form for applying for an exemption from a Building Consent.

Building - Building Consent, PIM, COA Application (AF) [1439.4kb]

Application for Project Information Memorandum (PIM), Building Consent (BC) and Certificate of Acceptance (COA).

Building - Building Warrant of Fitness Application (AF) [96.5kb]

Annual form to be completed by owners of properties with Compliance Schedules

Building - Building Warrant of Fitness Certificate of Compliance with Inspections (AF) [231.5kb]

Building - Certificate for Public Use Application (AF) [240kb]

Form for owners of properties with compliance schedules to apply for a Certificate for Public Use.

Building - Code Compliance Certificate Application [114.2kb]

Building - Commercial Technical Assessment Sheet [403.3kb]

Technical assessment sheet used for commercial building consents.

Building - Compliance Schedule Application (AF) [609.7kb]

Application used by owners of buildings with specified systems to apply for a Compliance Schedule.

Building - Independent Qualified Person Acceptance Application (AF) [219.1kb]

Application to be accepted as an Independent Qualified Person under the Building Act 2004.

Building - Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Application (AF) [207.7kb]

Building - Private Utility Service As-Built Record [159.9kb]

Building - Procedure for Inspection [81.5kb]

Building - Producer Statement - Certifying Plumber (AF) [82.1kb]

Form for use by Certifying Plumbers to confirm pressure tests on site

Building - Producer Statement - Construction (AF) [162.6kb]

Form for Currently Approved Providers of Producer Statements to confirm that Building works comply with the Building Code/Consented documents.

Building - Producer Statement - Wet Area (AF) [115.5kb]

Building - Record of Building Work from Licensed Building Practitioner (AF) [271kb]

Building - Residential Technical Assessment Sheet [334.7kb]

Building Consents - Schedule of Site Requirements [68.4kb]

Resource Consents - Site Search for Potential Contaminants [158.9kb]

Updated to exclude reference to 10 day timeframe.



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