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Estimate your Building Consent Costs

This page contains information about estimating Council's Building Consent costs and a link to a Building Consent calculator.
Updated: 4/10/2018 9:09 a.m.

​What will my Building Consent cost?

We have a schedule of fees and charges for building consents but actual costs will vary dependent on the:

  • size and nature of the project,
  • number of inspections required
  • quality of the supporting information supplied with the application.

You may use the fees calculator to gain an estimate of the fees and charges associated with your project.

Although we have taken steps to make this as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the outcome as it is dependent on both the value of the building work and the number of inspections chosen by you and it must, therefore, be used as an estimate only.

The amount payable will include the cost of Council's services as well as levies payable to central government.

For projects related solely to heating appliances and solar heating systems, follow the link below to Council’s fees and charges document as these are flat rate fees.

In order to achieve the best outcome from the calculator you must input the value of the building work and include materials and labour at commercial rates.  If you have a contract price that includes these costs that will be sufficient.

We also suggest that you review Council's list of inspections when considering which inspections you require.

To view the Council's list of inspections, click on the following link:

Council list of inspections [67kb]

Our standard practice is to calculate the fees and charges payable at the time the application is presented to us.

Please be aware that:

  • this initial calculation is a deposit and further charges may be made if additional time is required to process the application or if extra inspections become necessary.
  • fees quoted for items such as inspections and Code Compliance Certificates are at the rate currently in force.

Council reviews its fees and charges on an annual basis and the final amount chargeable for such services will be at the rate in force when the service is actually provided.

Follow the link below to read our Schedule of Fees and Charges.  

Please be aware that there may be additional charges for the processing of an application, please see link below:

Acceptance of Fees for Building Consent [40kb]


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