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Applying for a Building Consent

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This page contains information on how to apply for a building consent including timeframes, information you will need to supply and links to the guidance notes and application form.
Updated: 2/07/2018 11:33 a.m.

To apply for a building consent you must fully complete the application form and submit it to us together with the required supporting documentation.

The notes of guidance provided with the application form will help you. Use the checklist to ensure the application is fully completed as incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The process of preparing an application for a building consent can be extremely technical. We recommend that you seek the advice and guidance of a design professional or builder.

If your project is particularly large or complex you may benefit from having a pre-lodgement meeting with our building staff. This will ensure that anything needing clarification can be discussed and resolved before the application is submitted. 

Please contact our customer services staff to discuss this option.

To download the guidance notes and application form, follow the links below. The documents open in a new window.

Completing the form

Download and save a copy to your computer first. You can then use Adobe Reader to fill it out on your computer and save it, before returning it to us.

Building Consent Application Form (AF) [1.5mb] 

Building Consent Application - Guidance Notes [156kb]

Licensed Building Practitioners - do I need one?

If your project involves a dwelling or apartment building and contains works that include primary structure and/or exterior cladding work, you are likely to require a 'Licensed Building Practitioner' (LBP) to carry out these elements of the build and the design work.

These elements of work are referred to as 'Restricted Building Work' (RBW).

Alternatively, you can carry out these works as the owner, assisted by your unpaid friends and family by supplying a declaration with your building consent application.

Please refer to the link below for more information on the LBP scheme, to find an LBP and find out how it relates to your project and what it will mean for you.

Licensed Building Practitioners (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website)

Online building consents

We have introduced an online service for building consents which allows applications to be submitted and the consent pack issued electronically. There are criteria for inclusion in the scheme, which can be found by following the link below.

Project Information Memorandum

You may wish to apply for a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) which will give you important information about the site that is relevant to your project.

Applying for a PIM is optional, and not a pre-requisite for applying for a building consent.

If you do not apply for a PIM you will need to satisfy yourself that the project meets all of the requirements of the District Plan as well as any legislative requirements such as the National Environmental standard for potential contaminants in soils.

You can make application for a specific search for this purpose by completing the application form.  

Site Search for Potential Contaminants [156kb]

For further information, follow the link below.

How long does it take to get a PIM or a building consent?

Under the Building Act 2004, Council is required to work within the following timeframes:

  • Application for PIM only - 20 working days to issue
  • Application for Building Consent only (S45 Building Act 2004) - 20 working days to grant
  • Application for Building Consent only (MultiProof) - 10 working days to grant
  • Application for PIM and Building Consent together (S45 Building Act 2004) - 20 working days to issue the PIM and grant the BC
  • Application for PIM and Building Consent (MultiProof) - 10 working days to issue the PIM and grant the Building Consent.

Working days are defined under Section 7 of the Building Act 2004 as being any day except:

  • Saturday, Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, the Sovereign's Birthday, Labour Day and Waitangi Day
  • The Monday following Waitangi Day or Anzac Day if they fall on a weekend
  • Provincial Anniversaries
  • The period from 20 December to 10 January of the following year inclusive.

For further information about the National Multiple Use Approval (Multiproof), follow the link below.

National Multiple Use Approval - MultiProof (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment website) 

How to submit your application

In person

Applications may be submitted to our customer services team at Forum North, Rust Avenue Whangarei during our usual working hours of 8am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Your application will undergo a vetting process prior to acceptance that will take approximately thirty minutes. This will assess both the completeness of the documentation and the technical content.

If required documentation is not included or contains errors or omissions the application will not be accepted and you will be advised of the reasons why.

The Notes of Guidance and the Building Consent Application Form contain details of Council’s documentation requirements for applications for Building Consent.

Please refer to these as you compile your application and make sure that you have included all required information before attempting to submit it.

If the application is accepted, initial fees will be calculated and an invoice raised for the application fee deposit. Once payment of the invoice has been received the ‘assessment clock’ will be started.

By post

Applications may be submitted by mail to:

Whangarei District Council
Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148

Applications received in via post will be subject to a check by the customer services representative who will contact you with any queries and advise of the fee to be paid.


The invoice will need to be paid before the application clock is started. You may pay directly at customer services by cash, Eftpos or credit card, or use our internet banking system.

How much will it cost?

We have a schedule of fees and charges for building consents but actual costs will vary dependent on the size and nature of the project, the number of inspections required and the quality of the supporting information supplied with the application.

Initial fees are calculated and payable at the time of application. The calculation is a deposit and further charges may be incurred if additional time is required to process the application or if extra inspections are carried out through the building process.

Additional fees for the processing of an application will be invoiced when granting the building consent. Fees for inspections carried out, additional to those paid for at the time of application, will be invoiced and must be paid before Code Compliance Certificate will be issued.

Follow the links below to see our Schedule of Fees and Charges or the Building Fees Calculator.

Contact us

If you have any doubts or questions about the application process, or wish to book a meeting with our duty building inspector, please contact one of our Customer Service Centres for help.


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