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Online Building Consents

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Information about our online building consent service and how to use the system to submit an application.
Updated: 13/10/2017 3:22 p.m.

​Our online service for building consents enables applications to be submitted and the consent pack issued electronically.

The system is designed to reduce the time involved in preparing paperwork, processing and granting a building consent. It will run in parallel with our existing paper-based system.

This initial phase applies to projects which are for new build residential dwellings with a project value less than $500,000 and where the proposal:

  • has a risk matrix score of 12 or less when assessed under the NZ Building Code acceptable solution E2/AS1
  • does not have any pending land use or subdivision issues.

This limited project scope is to allow thorough testing of the scheme before introducing a broader range of projects and expanding the number of participants.  

Criteria for inclusion in the scheme

To start with, the scheme will be restricted to a small number of practitioners who meet a set of selection criteria. 

  • they qualify as a quality ‘volume house builder’ eg. can provide both design and construction functions, have a standard system for business operations, tend to use qualified and audited sub-contractors for repeat work<
  • they are a preferably a member of either Master Builders or Certified Builders and have a good track record for submitting good quality and complete applications
  • they construct buildings which are of a reasonable standard and low risk, use products which are usually pre-designed and tried and tested using standard construction methodologies
  • they have an appropriate quality system in place which sets out how the building consent, inspection and certification requirements will be met
  • they have a reputation for competence in the current building consent process ie having few suspension issues for relatively minor omissions
  • they are able to meet and sustain these criteria while using the scheme
  • they are committed to work in partnership with us.

There are also system requirements which need to be met to ensure that electronic files and documents can be exchanged, stored and maintained accurately.

To download the guidelines, follow the link below.  

Online Building Consent System Requirements [74kb]

Capacity of the scheme

The number of participants will initially be limited to five. If more than five meet the criteria, we will select for inclusion those that had the largest volume of applications for the project category in the six months before the start of the scheme in March 2013. 

We are committed to maintaining the quality of consent applications and depending on fluctuations in volume and available resources we will use our discretion to decline further requests until we are confident of being able to effectively manage the increased volume.


If a participant clearly fails to meet the criteria, we will issue a notice to that effect. This allows the participant to address the issues and make improvements while still using the system. 

If three such notices are issued within a 12 month period, we reserve the right to ask the participant to use the standard building consent system instead.

Contact us

If you would like to participate in the scheme, please make a submission of interest to our Building Compliance Manager.


Applying for a consent

Go to the next page for information about using the system to apply for a consent.



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